If you are completing your own packing, we offer 2 suggestions.

First, seek to consolidate as much of your property into boxes as possible.

Second, we recommend that you place all of your belongings into new boxes.

These 2 precautions will help us in preventing the possibility of damage. By boxing all of your property, you provide us with the foundation upon which we work. Stacking is necessary when loading our vans. We are able to complete this phase more effectively when we are provided with uniform “building blocks.” New boxes allow for a more solid structure for us to work with while we load and unload. Used boxes may collapse and pose a safety issue for your property, for our field staff members, and for you.

Boxes are an excellent investment. With assured safety to your cargo, your satisfaction is guaranteed. Our goals are more quickly accomplished when such measures are taken. We can use our equipment to great advantage and we can load our vehicles up to 50% more quickly when you are adequately packed into new, uniform boxes.

Quicker completion time equates to lower labor fees.

Should you require additional packing supplies, we offer free, next day delivery of over 2000 different specialty items. Please contact our office so that we may assist you in placing an order.

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